Reiki-Anwendung für Tier

Animals are usually independent and intuitively able to maintain their inner harmony or to restore them energetically.

Through life with and with us humans and related:


  • Different types of circumstances (e.g. posture, employment, exercise, food) 
  • energetic vibrations (e.g. fear, restlessness, grief)

However, the flow of energy in the body, mind and soul can also be disturbed.

Animals feel very well whether a person is a Reiki user. With a few exceptions, they are happy to accept Reiki energy. The duration of an application and the response to it can vary from animal to animal.

Reiki for animals can be used to support:

  • Pain relief (acute or chronic complaints)
  • Detoxification, support recovery process
  • Activation of self-healing powers, strengthening of the immune system
  • Problems like lack of trust in people, self-confidence
  • Separation, new environment, change of caregiver, fear of objects, situations (e.g. loading onto a trailer)
  • Behavioral problems
  • End-of-life care.

However, it is also important that humans are willing to understand that their behavior, internal tension and restlessness can also be transferred to the animal.

Before I give Reiki, I ask both the person’s consent and the animal itself if it wants the energy. Not every animal likes these uses. If I feel a rejection on the part of the animal, I accept it and ask people to respect it.

In a Reiki application for animals, I provide myself as a “channel”, as a source of inspiration. The Reiki energy flows through me to the animal. It decides itself through its reaction whether it wants to accept the energy and how long the application takes.

All energy systems and methods can also be used in animals. A Reiki application for animals can be done by 2 different methods:

Direct application (laying on of hands)

When receiving Reiki energy, the animal can stand, sit or lie down (depending on the anatomy and preference of the animal). After a short period of getting used to it, changing its body position clearly shows where Reiki energy is needed.

The animal ends the application on its own when sufficient energy has been received (e.g. by walking away).

Reiki remote application

Some animals are suspicious and uneasy of strangers. They don’t let themselves be touched or close. Excessive distance to the place of application and the stress associated with traveling can also be negative prerequisites for direct Reiki application. The duration of the trip to the animal may also be longer than the time of the application itself.

From the initiation to the 2nd Reikigrad it is possible to use Reiki for animals without direct contact.

The use of energetic symbols or the intention to help reinforce the Reiki energy. An application over spatial and temporal distance is made possible.

The animal can remain relaxed and calm in its usual environment.

No uncomfortable or dangerous situations arise for the animal, for its humans or for me as a provider of Reiki. The time and duration of the application can be varied.

As with humans, it is important that when Reiki is used, the animal is in a calm, relaxed atmosphere, if possible, and (if possible) its human is with it.

What is the process of my Reiki application?

I have no space for Reiki applications. The time frame available to me for direct applications on site is also limited. That is why I mainly use the Reiki-Fern method.

I need a picture of the animal and some information. For further information please contact me via email or phone.

However, a Reiki application alone can do little if the circumstances as such cannot be changed. The causes of a disturbed harmony often also require the environment, people’s behavior, and possibly also nutrition.


Reiki does not replace medical or therapeutic treatment / care by a veterinarian, veterinary practitioner, therapist!  

My Reiki application is not an application in the medical sense and does not make a medical diagnosis. 

However, it can be a positive additional and accompanying method.

Reiki energy can weaken the effects of anesthetics and / or sedatives! 

Reiki should therefore be  avoided before  medical interventions.

Similar to homeopathy, symptoms may worsen for the first time. This may be the reaction to the application, but will soon dissolve.

Reiki energy can affect medication effects. By stimulating metabolism and detoxification after one or more Reiki applications, medication can be broken down more quickly.

The dose may also change.

Therefore, a check by a veterinarian or deep healer after Reiki treatment is important!


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