They don’t care about our material and financial possessions. She is also not interested in our outward appearance, belief and status in human society. They endure our moods and are always there for us.

 Animals love us unconditionally. They are very sensitive and intelligent.

 What is Mental Animal Communication?

It is a silent, telepatic communication between humans and animals from heart to heart, respectfully and with love.

The term telepathy comes from the Greek language and means something like “feeling at a distance free from physical contact”.

Through the telepathic transmission of thoughts, feelings, images, impressions and words, we can get an insight into the animal’s perspective.

We always understand them when we are on the same mental level, “same wavelength” with them through our attention.

One thing is certain: animals understand us very well. It’s just not always possible for them to show us physically.

Why Mental Animal Communication?

Just like us humans, animals have their own needs and ideas, also about living with us.

You can be happy, sad or angry just like us. You probably feel that your animal understands them because it reacts.

However, sometimes there are situations where we are at a loss, despite familiarity and closeness.

Then telepathic animal communication, the “mental conversation” can help to clear up the misunderstandings between humans and animals. It can provide information about the mental and physical states, behaviors and actions.

The animal’s perspective and desires can be conveyed to the animal. And of course, conversely, it is also possible to bring humans closer to the animal’s point of view. However, this can be different from the human.

This “mediation” can mean that a significant change in the behavior and health of the animal becomes clear through mutual understanding.

However, it does not mean that human behavior is immediate and automatic.

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