Welche Reiki – Systeme wende ich an?

Reiki energy comes from a primal source. However, there are many Reiki systems. Some are light and gentle to use. They can also be called the energy of heaven.

Other Reiki systems are more powerful and more earthy to use. This can be called the energy of the earth.

In China it is said that man has the task of connecting heaven and earth.

Usui-Reiki (energy of heaven)

It is also called the “system of natural healing” (Japanese: Usui Reiki Ryoho). This system got the name from its Japanese founder Dr. Mikao Usui (15.08.1865-09.03.1926). He wanted Usui-Reiki to be used by everyone and made accessible to everyone.

This Reiki system was brought to us by his students.

It is a proven, gentle, yet effective energy application that helps to achieve a holistic balance.

 Kundalini Reiki (Earth Energy)

The Kundalini Reiki system was developed and passed on by Ole Gabrielsen, Danish Reiki and meditation master. This energy is very powerful and efficient, because just the intention to help is important in the application. No characters / symbols are required as in other Reiki systems.

The Kundalini energy, starting from the root chakra (one of seven main energy “wheels”, energy centers), clarifies and strengthens the inner energy cycle so that everything can flow freely again.

I apply these different forms of energy according to the topic that is the focus of attention. I use both energy systems responsibly for both humans and animals, for the greatest good of all concerned.

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