Quantentenheilung 2-Punkt-Methode für Tier

When using the 2-point method, I am available as a source of inspiration.

I ask both the animal’s animal and the animal itself for permission to use it. If the animal does not convey my willingness to use the 2-point method, I accept this decision and ask people to respect it.

Energy applications should, whenever possible, be freely adopted, including by animals.

Energy is everywhere and can therefore be used across time and space.

Since I have neither spatial options nor a fixed time frame, I use the

2-point method as a remote application

I find it beneficial for the animal if it is in its usual environment during an application, if possible relaxed and calm in the presence of its human.

Some animals react to strangers and the unfamiliar with fear or aggression. The remote application prevents unpleasant and dangerous situations for the animal, humans and me. Appointments can be arranged variably.

I need a photo of the animal and some information to contact it. Please contact me for more information by email or phone.

The application of the 2-point method can support:


  • Pain relief, illness (acute, chronic)
  • physical problems (e.g. inflammation, intolerance, wounds, scars)
  • Recovery processes
  •  Strengthening the immune system, activation of self-healing powers
  •  Preparation for special situations (e.g. surgery, relocation)
  •  Behavioral problems, restlessness, fear
  • Separation, grief, trauma.
  •  Behavioral problems, restlessness, fear

The frequency and duration of use depend on the problem to be dealt with (e.g. chronic diseases).


The 2-point method is not a substitute for veterinarians, veterinary practitioners, animal therapists, medical and / or therapeutic care. It is not a healing application in the medical sense and does not make any medical diagnoses.

The application can change the strength of the effects of medication! It is therefore important to have this checked by a doctor! Similar to homeopathy, symptoms may worsen as a result of the application. This dissolves again after a short time.

I do not use the 2-point method for third parties (exception: consent of the keeper or if the keeper cannot be reached in an emergency)

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