Was ist Reiki

“We have to take a break from time to time and wait for our souls to catch up with us again.”

Indian wisdom (2)

 What is Reiki?

Reiki is a natural energy and is carried by the strongest power, love.

The term Reiki comes originally from Japanese and means something like:  Rei  (pronounced Ree) = universal life energy and  Ki  (pronounced Ki) = universal life force.

It is independent of religion, education and language. Reiki does not evaluate and judge. This energy is all encompassing. It flows in every living being and around everything, free of physical and psychological boundaries.

Reiki is also the collective term for all alternative, non-medical energy and healing applications that work with the life energy and strength.

There are different ways and systems to apply Reiki. However, they all have one goal:

  • activate the self-healing powers of a living being
  • achieve and support the balance of body, mind and soul for the best good of the living being.

Reiki works on a holistic level. The possibility of self-healing was given to us at birth and is comparable to software in the technical field.

In our hearts we feel exactly what is good for us and what helps. Because there are no restrictions there.

It is our mind that looks for explanations and needs reasons for many things to understand.

But the belief in one’s own strength, the ability, the courage to do so and everything connected with love bring success.

Reiki can only be grasped through personal experience. You don’t have to believe in Reiki for it to work.

However, the belief in it can support and strengthen self-healing.

The use of Reiki works for everyone, both humans and animals, as well as plants.

The recipient decides for himself whether and how much life energy he wants to absorb. The energy flows where it is needed and accepted.

Everyone is able to use Reiki. When a small child has a stomach ache and the mother puts her hand on the painful area, natural healing energy flows with love. The pain may become less or even go away. Is that child’s imagination?

Neither small children nor animals know a placebo effect because they don’t expect anything and let it happen without thinking about it.

The initiation into the Reiki method increases the ability to activate life energy.

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